Human Trafficking


What is Human Sex Trafficking?                                                                    Help me

Human Sex Trafficking involves the recruitment, transportation or harbouring of unwilling people through the use of force, coercion or other means, for the purpose of sex exploitation.  It could be considered a “modern day slavery”.

Did you know that one of the greatest human rights issues in Canada, especially in the Niagara region is that of human trafficking and the exploitation of women and children?

A victim of trafficking may look like many of the people that you meet every day.  You can help victims get the assistance they need by looking beneath the surface.  Many of the indicators for trafficked persons are similar to those used for identifying women who are being abused.  Read below to see what some of the signs are.  Please remember that any one of these signs does not necessarily mean that the person has been trafficked, but it may indicate that further questions need to be asked.

Here are some possible Signs of Someone Being Trafficked and questions that you can ask them to discern if they are a victim.

To learn more visit The RCMP Website to read various articles on Human Trafficking.

Here are three areas where you can make a difference:

1. Raise Awareness/Speak Up

a)  Invite a member of the Niagara Women On Mission With Jesus committee to come and do a presentation at one of your meetings.  Just click on Contact Us and let us know about your event.

b)  You can also view our Power Point slide presentation that was given at our Finding Freedom retreat by clicking on the link below.  There is also a second link to download the notes to accompany the slides.

Powerpoint presentation on Human Trafficking in Niagara

Human Trafficking Presentation Notes

c)  Email, call or write a letter to your politician asking them to implement a National Action Plan to combat Human Trafficking – such as the Nordic Model.  You will find further information and templates for letter writing at


2.  Prayprayer 2

a)  We have prepared a handout on “Praying To End Human Trafficking” that outlines different points for you to consider when praying.

Praying To End Human Trafficking

b)  Join an existing prayer group in Niagara

c)  Create your own prayer group.


3.  Let Your Dollars Talk

a)  If you have an idea for a fundraiser or know of an organization that is raising funds to combat human trafficking in Niagara, we would be glad to support you by posting information concerning that particular event on our website.  Click on Contact Us and let us know about your event.

b)  Donate to JC’s Nightlight Ministries – A street/strip club outreach ministry in Niagara.  To donate or learn more about that ministry visit their website at

c)  Sponsor a child through Compassion Canada in a high risk location such as Thailand, Cambodia or India.  You can visit their website at